New Update AdGuard for Android - Stable Updates Thread


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Apr 24, 2016
AdGuard for Android 3.6.10 released:
In this version we’ve improved connectivity check — now the app determines better whether there is internet connection.


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Apr 24, 2016
AdGuard v3.6.11 for Android: significant changes in CoreLibs and DNSLibs
We know you've been waiting for this and are literally starving for AdGuard for Android updates. So without further ado we introduce you to its fresh release – straight out of the oven.

The most impressive changes were made in our core filtering engine – CoreLibs and DnsLibs – and we’ll talk about them in detail below. As for the rest, we’ve worked to enhance content filtering and made a bunch of minor changes to improve the app performance.

A significantly updated version of DnsLibs – the DNS filtering library – now consumes less resources and runs faster. The DNS-over-QUIC protocol implementation now supports the RFC 9250 standard, and the experimental status was removed from the DoQ support.


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Apr 21, 2016
We're thrilled to announce that AdGuard v4.0 for Android is now live and packed with features that will transform your online experience. Let's dive in!

Complete redesign. The new intuitive interface puts core features front and center. Plus, a new Protection section provides more control over Firewall, Browsing Security, and AdGuard VPN.

Total reengineering. We've rebuilt the entire app from scratch. The result? It runs faster and smoother than ever before.

Firewall. Now you can control the access to the Internet for all your apps — if you wish, prevent them from using the Internet without your knowledge.

Low-level settings rework. We've revamped Low-level settings to make them more user-friendly and intuitive, adding validation checks to prevent mishaps.

Detailed statistics. A dedicated tab lets you scrutinize all apps, companies, and domains, helping you identify and block anything suspicious.

Root access perks. On rooted devices, among other things, you can now apply DNS filtering to IPv6 requests — thanks to the *Automatic proxy* mode.

Integration with AdGuard VPN. Integrated mode is now more stable and enduring than ever, providing a seamless, efficient experience.

Selective app proxying. Now you can exclude apps from your proxy — even from AdGuard VPN!

Update AdGuard for Android to the latest version, try new features, and let us know what you think!

Read more about this update and future plans in our blog.



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Aug 17, 2014

AdGuard for Android 4.1​

Release date: July 26, 2023

With this release, we have made a number of improvements to the UI and internal workings of our app. For example, we've reworked the YouTube player to support all video formats, including Live Streams and Shorts. Actually, it's based on the internal web browser that opens YouTube and has ad-blocking functionality built in. Take a look at the Protection section for a detailed description of this feature. We also made it easier for you to access App management. It's now just one tap away via the button we've added to the tab bar menu at the bottom.



  • Added com.homeretailgroup.myargoscard and related domains to exclusions #3480
  • Added support for com.quark.browser and com.qihoo.contents #3673
  • Easier access to App management #4408


  • AdGuard player does not play a YouTube video when tapping the Share button in a browser #3932
  • Improved the behavior of bug report and feature request screens to prevent duplicates #4814
  • Reset to default in General settings doesn't work properly #4719
  • Added to exclusions #3676
  • AdGuard v4.0 for Android frequently restarts protection #4707
  • When trying to go back after submitting a bug report, an infinite loader is displayed #4792
  • After updating the filters, the updated filters are displayed in a row #4790
  • Chrome Remote Desktop does not work unless filtering for the app is turned off #4036
  • Added pl.tvn.player to filtering exclusions #3646
  • Incorrect transition from the Use license key tab when entering a blocked key #4562
  • Switching to another tab via snack does not work #4502
  • On a small display, the buttons overlap the text on the Userscript screen #4750
  • The com.rapido.passenger app is not working #3976
  • When checking for updates, the Browsing Security Database should report "Up to date" if no update has been installed #4725
  • Added com.inpost.fresh to filtering exclusions #3979


  • Improved the technical info dialog #4717
  • Improved the app's language screen #4718


  • Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.11.113
  • Upgraded DnsLibs to v2.2.14


  • Added lb._dns-sd._udp.* to the default list of exclusions #194
  • $denyallow rules are not validated until additional modifiers are added #191
  • Fallback upstream is not enabled for invalid plain DNS upstream #4820
  • For IP-based DoT/DoQ connections, IP address is set for SNI #186
  • Overall timeout is bigger when multiple upstreams are added #105
  • Added XPC support #174
  • Added the dnsproxy_settings::request_timeout setting instead of the upstream-specific ones #163
  • DNS-over-QUIC upstream does not respect resolved_ip #185
  • Traffic is routed from DNS to an outbound proxy server #195
  • Added SPKI fingerprint verification feature #172



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Apr 24, 2016
AdGuard for Android 4.2
Release date: October 23, 2023

AdGuard Dynamics​

Get ready for a dynamic experience as AdGuard for Android makes its way to your screens with exciting new features! Now our app not only has dynamic icons, it also has a dynamic theme.
If you enable this option in the settings, the AdGuard app interface and icon will match the color of your smartphone interface.
Please note that these features are only available on Android devices running version 12 or higher.


HTTP/3 filtering support #487

AdGuard now not only filters HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 traffic. In this release, we have added experimental support for HTTP/3 filtering. The HTTP/3 protocol, powered by the QUIC network protocol, provides better privacy and security, as well as a more stable and faster Internet connection. By enabling HTTP/3 filtering, you can take advantage of the QUIC protocol and effectively block ads and trackers.
To enable HTTP/3 filtering, go to Settings → General → Advanced → Low-level settings → Filter HTTP/3 and toggle the switch to the right.

Support for two HTTPS certificates​

By implementing two HTTPS certificates, we have fixed an issue with HTTPS filtering in Chrome 100 and above on rooted devices. While the certificate in the system store will be responsible for filtering in most apps, the certificate in the user store will allow AdGuard to filter HTTPS traffic in Chromium-based browsers.
Installing certificates has also become easier: we’ve added step-by-step instructions.
To install the second certificate, go to Settings → Filtering → Network → HTTPS filtering → Security сertificates and follow the instructions.
Our filters have become even more powerful and we have also fixed a bunch of bugs to ensure stable performance of the app. Hurry up to update!



Enabled HTTPS filtering by default for the Opera browser #4972


Exclude INETCOM.TV from routing by default #4723
AdGuard cannot start protection due to HTTPS certificate expiration #4896
Auto-update of custom filters doesn't work #4961
AdGuard logs users out of their accounts #4959
AdGuard notifications cause the locked screen to turn on while in sleep mode #4778
HTTPS filtering is disabled for the app after relaunching AdGuard if the certificate has been moved to the system storage #5008
Shadow around the main switch is missing on Android 8 #4858
Some elements are not announced correctly by TalkBack #4809
Switch sometimes disappears for 10-30 seconds, protection restarts for a long time #4862
The space at the bottom of the "How to block ads on YouTube" screen is missing on devices with small screens #4866
If the app is set to Traditional Chinese, the filters are displayed in Simplified Chinese after the update #4949
Switching between firewall tabs causes AdGuard to crash #4999
Importing settings with a different language does not immediately change the language #4984
License is not imported when importing settings #4985
Non-working button in the snack about disabled notifications #5002
On the ‘Why filter HTTPS traffic’ screen, pressing Next again cancels the previous action #4993
A cross button doesn't remove the text in the search bar on the Language-specific ad blocking screen #4978
The text of imported/exported settings does not fit in the dialog box #4981

CoreLibs (Filtering engine) updated to v1.12.80 #4966


User Agent stripping Improved #1345
TCP/IP: Added new reject mode - ICMP administratively prohibited #1774
Added support for uBO media queries #1707


Connection is terminated by timer in have-result state #1180
A few seconds delay when using ipTIME home routers #1756
AdGuard slows down web page load time #1522
Hide referrer with "Hide your search queries" option enabled when request is made by click #1766
SOCKS5 proxy does not work with AdGuard 4.0 #4812
Enabled ECH GREASE when ECH is enabled #1781
Fixed a bug with removing HTTP headers when decrypting book text #1750
Preparation for XPC #1675
DNS fallback helper sometimes returns instead of provider servers #1687
UDP timeout is too small in TcpIpStack #1796

DnsLibs (DNS filtering engine) updated to v2.2.24 #4953


DoH tries to use stale connection for too long #200
CoreDNS DoQ server cannot be used by DnsLibs #204
sdns:// cert pinning is incorrect #205

Important for filter maintainers​

Added $referral-policy modifier #135
Added $method modifier for basic rules #1713
Allowed $stealth rules with an empty pattern #1762
Added $to modifier #1714
$jsonprune, $replace, and $hls do not work with non-GET/POST HTTP methods #1743
Exception rules interfere with each other #1749
$path modifier does not work on path #1726
$jsonprune modifier should be able to handle quotes for jsonp #1734
Consider :has(), :not(), and :is() as a standard pseudo-class if ExtendedCss usage is not forced by the #?# rule marker #1683
Cosmetic rules do not work at #1767
There seems to be an issue with getting / updating to this new version:

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