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Hello there,

Recently, having heard of Manifest v3 I've decided to look for a more long-term solution since currently-used-by-me uBlock Origin's fate seems rather uncertain for now.
After some looking, I came across AdGuard, which actually seems pretty good on paper. Almost too good to be true - affordable price, computer-wide ad blocking unaffected by browser APIs...
However, I have a few questions/concerns regarding its security.

And forgive me of the questions here are kinda noobish - I just want to be completely, 100% sure.
Before you ask - yes, I'm fine with buying an ad blocker, especially since I use it primarily as an anti-malvertising software. So, the questions are:

  1. There is some ambiguity about the jurisdiction, I think. Does AdGuard follow the laws of Russia or Cyprus?
  2. Is my data (browsing history, passwords, e-mails personal files etc.) collected and sent online by the AdGuard application, either to its own servers or to any others whatsoever? The privacy policy basically says that it doesn't, but I just want to be sure.
  3. In any case, what kind of data does AdGuard have about me, and (if any) why is it needed?
  4. AdGuard seems to use HTTPS interception for ad filtering. I understand why it's required for it to work, but does my HTTPS data remain encrypted while being sent online, especially AFTER being ad-filtered by AdGuard? If so, how strong and secure is the encryption when compared to an average unintercepted HTTPS?
  5. Are the HTTPS certificates generated uniquely and locally, or is there one certificate for them all, just like the infamous Superfish?
  6. Does AdGuard install any drivers/other low-level things? If so, how does it affect security?
  7. AdGuard free applications (such as browser extensions) are open source. In that case, why is AdGuard Premium closed source, and, in your opinion, does it make it less trustworthy?
  8. And overall, a quick, simple question to sum up it all: does AdGuard spy on you or is in any other way malicious?
Please forgive me if my questions seem a little paranoid, but I'm quite serious about the security of my data, and I'm always reluctant to install any software whatsoever - open source or proprietary, and I always prefer to stay with the popular programs.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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IMO Adguard is one of the best ad blockers outthere. I even use the free version 3.0 nightly on my LGV30 phone. Even without premium, it's got firewall, script blocking, app administration etc. I saw you can get one to Iphone too now.


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The company is based in Russia. The Cyprus address is only the company office which is a lawyers office representing them in the country.
They only do it for tax and credibility reasons.
The laws they have to follow are Cyprus (Europe).
Their developers are based in Russia mostly/all.
Their data centers are mostly in Amsterdam (Europe).

Not going to bother with the rest of your questions because they have been asked multiple times and replying to them again and again will not change the end result. Programs update, programs change and if you don't trust the developer you probably shouldn't use them.


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You can find some answers here: Privacy Policy | AdGuard

As well as reading others' comments:

Adguard also provide a DNS:

Fake media news can be damaging and have long-term effects on your health.


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AdGuard for Windows privacy policy; lists every piece of information collected by the application and which features collect which specific pieces of information:

HTTPS filtering information:

Acknowledged HTTPS filtering issues and what AdGuard does to remedy them:

The questions which those three articles don't answer would be best directed to the AdGuard team themselves.
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