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Jun 22, 2018
Advanced SystemCare Beta got released

Download from MajorGeeks

Whats new in ASC Beta?
+ New Privacy Shield protects your sensitive data against secret access to avoid risks from blackmail software, phishing sites, and junk messages.
+ New Digital Fingerprint Protection disguises your digital fingerprint to prevent invasive online tracking.
+ Rebuilt Surfing Protection & Ads Removal to block more cryptocurrency mining attacks, annoying ads, and malicious sites.
+ Homepage Advisor adopts cutting-edge technology to strengthen the detection of malicious programs that modify your homepage and search engine.
+ Enhanced Junk File Clean to clean more files including Windows 10 icon cache, Microsoft Office cache, Google Chrome logs and temporary files, software redundant files, and old downloaded files.
+ Enhanced Privacy Sweep to support cleaning all Chromium-based browsers and strengthen the cleaning for Google Chrome, Opera, and Facebook.
+ Rebuilt the database of Startup Manager to further shorten your PC's boot time.
+ Optimized Performance Monitor to remember its last opened position and customize its window size.
+ Redesigned Turbo Boost to switch among different boost modes easily and quickly.
+ Expanded the database of Real-Time Protector for a more secure PC.
+ Improved Internet Boost to get a more accurate network speed to better speed up your network.
+ New UI for more intuitive and fluent experience

thumbnail_advanced systemcare.jpg
thumbnail_advanced systemcare2.jpg
thumbnail_advanced systemcare3.jpg
thumbnail_advanced systemcare4.jpg
thumbnail_advanced systemcare5.jpg

(Screenshots from MajorGeeks ASC Download Page)
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Feb 14, 2016
Thanks for the share. :) But this program is way to bloated for me. I could have like 20 single programs for each task who would do it way better.
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Raziel The Hedgehog

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Nov 11, 2017
NEIN! X5 I will wait on better changes in this software like example: Stop leaving some junks after normal/smart uninstallation, wrong detectable junks and the other cons and etc.
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