Operating System
Windows 10
Infection date and initial symptoms
Kometa, mail.ru and other things start popping up on my desktop and chrome.
It happened directly after downloading those sketchy files.
Current issues and symptoms
Still 2 websites popping up. Mainly concerned of http://www.v1hcmqbaqw.ru
Malwarebytes is blocking it every second when i search something on chrome
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
I've tried the blogs Malwaretips has. Not sure it did anything besides deleting mail.ru and kometa
System logs
I did not upload the FRST.txt logs


New Member
I'm new to this site but i guess it's the only place i can post this.
So two days ago I downloaded some sketchy files. Now I'm full of russian adware on my pc. I deleted most of it but there's still some left. The most annoying thing is that a "website" tries to open everytime i open a new tab or just search something on google.
I got its link from malwarebytes: http://www.v1hcmqbaqw.ru
Also there's still one other adware: Lawsivo.ru
I tried resolving them with malwaretips blogs but still no results.

At this point I'm giving up... If I can't do it I'll format my drive.:confused: