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Oct 23, 2012
I would consider making the move to Windows 10 before the free upgrade ends.Although I believe Ahnlab is not Windows 10 compatible.
Ahnlab has not done very well in AV tests and its scan could be much more thorough(very low numbers of scanned files)
It is probably better than nothing at all but there are many better options for the same price or less.
There are also better free AV options when combined with some other programs and Windows Firewall that would probably serve you better.
Most have free trials and it is always worth giving something else a try.
I would consider CCleaner as that is usually more than enough for privacy & optimization.
Thanks for sharing your config :)

JM Safe

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Apr 12, 2015


If it is possible for you, Windows 10 upgrade means improvements in term of security and usability.
But in my time - zone really few hours have remained to run it for free...
About AhnLab, according to AV Test, the v9 looks like a good product, definitely up to date than the old version you use and It's highly recommended always to use the latest version.
Anyway, I also advise you to switch to a different solution such as Avast free or one of your choice: here you can find tons of discussions about this.

DJ Panda

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Aug 30, 2015
I would definitely upgrade to Windows 10. You don't even necessarily need Ahnlab because Windows Defender is integrated plus with smartscreen can be an amazing combo. :)
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