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I'm using my iPad as my normal computer nowadays, and browsing on MT is slow and cumbersome. Something that I would like would be an app for MT for iOS and Android.

If this isn't possible, could you please make a mobile version of MT that is more touch friendly?

I understand you aren't coding this website yourself, you are using XenForo, so not everything is possible, but please consider the option.

Thanks, A Long-Loved MT Member :p


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Would be easy to make an app to browse MT, as an RSS feed is exported already :) The difficulty would be in allowing users to post, which would either have to be done through APIs (Xenforo allows REST) or some other method using HTTP(S).

Unfortunately I don't have time to put anything together (nor do I have experience programming for iOS), but if anyone wants to give this a shot and needs some advice on REST, give me a shout and I'll be happy to help :)


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Is there a way to auto sign in? Last pass?

PS: The column for latest posts and thread doesn't appear on my iPad. Is there any way to make it appear?
I use the Chrome password manager for MT. The only thing that is different on Android is the Malware Hub doesn't show on the home page, but I can access it from my alerts.


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I downloaded that app for google, its alright, but yes you cannot post which defeats the purpose a little.
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