Which product has best security

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From AppGuard
Oct 24, 2016
ZoneAlarm uses the Kaspersky AV drivers and scan engine. A lot of other AVs will detect it and might refuse to install - or if they do install - might cause BSOD. It is just not a good idea - proven over time - to combo Kaspersky AV drivers with any others.


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Feb 2, 2016
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Jan 9, 2017
WoW! Dudes, alot off wroting :p Very nice info and own statement of all the who has participate this thread, thank you all.

Yes, i have semi-level knowledge about this things and everyday i learn something new, what is cool! Well, yes i have discuss some ZA dude in live chat before i bought that and yes there was alot of talking compatibility issues other than windos defender, but just mention, try and you'll see, :lol:

I have many AV, Security suite's bought and free so i have tools with a play in my VM :d That was nice info for Lockdown, that it uses kaspersky drives,,,well i do own KIS 2017 also. Just mentioin now that this is not or why not, my future longtime decision, but just testing and i have good memories a long time ago with Zone. And maybe i ask they support change their ówn what included AV as davisd here up told, so no compatiliity issues then :)

Interesting, is it some kaspersky things their AV engine also, maybe. What i read their site it it lightweight and cloud based. Yep,yep. I btw bought yesterday BD + of course, because if thing is cheap it must be bought, hehe!

Yeah, let's see what happened, thank you everybody who has been involved this thread. Maybe btw i try that change then there don't have compatilibity issues but i am interesting their AV engine because Zone is "famous" their firewall not AV.

Thank you all, now back to work, have nice day all off you!