Help Me Decide Antivirus for ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall?

Discussion in 'Compare Apps Archive' started by BugCode, Jan 23, 2017.


Which product has best security

  1. Avira free

  2. Bitdefeder free

  3. Avast free

  4. Your choice

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Polygon

    Polygon Guest

    I recommend Bitdefender free

    it has very good signatures and have good BB, and no ads. the bad side of BD is that it uses guite alot of ram
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  2. Lockdown

    Lockdown From AppGuard

    Oct 24, 2016
    AppGuard LLC Virginia, U.S.
    ZoneAlarm uses the Kaspersky AV drivers and scan engine. A lot of other AVs will detect it and might refuse to install - or if they do install - might cause BSOD. It is just not a good idea - proven over time - to combo Kaspersky AV drivers with any others.
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  3. davisd

    davisd Level 10

    Feb 2, 2016
    Baltic States
    Windows 10
    #23 davisd, Jan 24, 2017
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  4. BugCode

    BugCode Level 10

    Jan 9, 2017
    Oeno Island
    WoW! Dudes, alot off wroting :p Very nice info and own statement of all the who has participate this thread, thank you all.

    Yes, i have semi-level knowledge about this things and everyday i learn something new, what is cool! Well, yes i have discuss some ZA dude in live chat before i bought that and yes there was alot of talking compatibility issues other than windos defender, but just mention, try and you'll see, :lol:

    I have many AV, Security suite's bought and free so i have tools with a play in my VM :d That was nice info for Lockdown, that it uses kaspersky drives,,,well i do own KIS 2017 also. Just mentioin now that this is not or why not, my future longtime decision, but just testing and i have good memories a long time ago with Zone. And maybe i ask they support change their ówn what included AV as davisd here up told, so no compatiliity issues then :)

    Interesting, is it some kaspersky things their AV engine also, maybe. What i read their site it it lightweight and cloud based. Yep,yep. I btw bought yesterday BD + of course, because if thing is cheap it must be bought, hehe!

    Yeah, let's see what happened, thank you everybody who has been involved this thread. Maybe btw i try that change then there don't have compatilibity issues but i am interesting their AV engine because Zone is "famous" their firewall not AV.

    Thank you all, now back to work, have nice day all off you!
  5. BugCode

    BugCode Level 10

    Jan 9, 2017
    Oeno Island
    @Lockdown Yes i just chat freaking 3hrs in ZA support(about changing ZA.Firewall Pro => ZA-AV) and also ask lot of things ,well 3hrs you have a time. Indeed kaspersky engine their av and etc, thats good.
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