Level 14
(This is my homemade table with Compare Ninja Free Account):

Hope you like it!
Yes, I like it, but some considerations here:

Some Fellow AVs have some elements of Advanced Heuristics (we can say it's Behaviour Blocker) and Common Sense (smart HIPS). That's why we use Fellow AV and not rely only on Fellow Human (or Fellow Lynx :)).

The same for Updates - smart Humans update their skills and knowledge like AVs their sigs and engines.

Mwa hahaha :D :D :p :p

It depends what kind of person you are :)

Agreed with the updates part (well, kind of but updates aren't the hit the button kind, you update much faster and efficiently)

It depends on the heuristics part. If you see, oh the software is behaving weirdly you can close it very quickly. But if you don't know how a bad software behaves then that is a nono.


Level 85
Well as my former High School Teacher said to us before, our brain contains 'Trillion of cells', so in that case; incremental updates is included however heuristics it downs only in instinct by reacting our emotions though. ;)

Compatible to other Antivirus can be compare as a research reference for humans to improve more on heuristics and signatures. ;)