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I got an iPad from my employer for working 25 years there.
Having never owned anything from Apple I know nothing about iPadOS.
Always worked with Windows, Linux or Android.
I hope you can give me some advice or point me to some guides to keep it safe and private.
Thank you, MT (y)


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My advice is to use a mobile network or otherwise verify the wi-fi network security in place (where you can say with greater than a reasonable certainty that it is secure) and use a VPN.

A friend let us stay in their Hawaiian vacation condo. Many of the condos, including our friend's, are rented out when not in use by the owners. All the condos were on the same cable or satellite system. Each unit's wifi network was ostensibly secure in that it was password protected, but my iPad was hacked via MITM attack by Japanese yakuza. (Shout out to @show-Zi ! ;) ) I turned the iPad off for the rest of the trip and changed my email password on a mobile phone without further harm.

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Create an Apple ID (iCloud account)

I recommend adding a trusted phone number that can receive text messages. By default Apple sends 6-digit verification codes to devices running iOS/macOS for Two Factor Authentication. So for instance you have left your iPad at home, you can still login to manage your Apple ID / iCloud account by receiving the code on your non-Apple phone.

More information:

Use Restrictions for finer control against accidentally deleting apps, preventing in-app purchases and more.
This functionally can be found in General Settings > Screen Time > Content and Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store Purchases.

Find out more: Use parental controls on your child's iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Be aware that the guide was written by DuckDuckGo and they promote their own search engine/browser for tips 11 and 12 respectively.
Be cautious before following;
  • 2. 'Erase Data' - make sure your data is periodically backed up.
  • 4. Turn off 'Share my Location' - useful for Find My


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Try Guardian Firewall

Or Lockdown


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