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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there is any ( reliable) mobile app that allow you to set a pin to enter some apps ( like gmail/Twitter / whatsapp /etc )
I think norton has one on android , but none on iPhone .

Attention: I am not talking about 2FA . Look at gmail app for example : you only need to toggle and you can enter

Of course my iPhone already has a Touch ID, and a pin for the sim .

I use McAfee to store some of my photos in a vault with a pin .

Thank you for reading :)


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Some apps such as Outlook (email) support Touch ID, but for other apps will need to do further research.

For starters you can limit (hide sensitive data) or disable notifications on the lockscreen.
How to Hide Sensitive Notifications From Your iPhone’s Lock Screen

Will post back with any findings below:

Thank you for your reply :)

I enabled Touch ID for Amazon ( but it seems it is the only one who support it )
( furthermore I always wondered if it is safe to Share your fingerprint with apps .. I know you explained me , in my mobile config time ago , it should be safe to share it with Apple , but I don't know with 3rd party apps )

I already limit lock screen ( nothing is showed , you can access only the camera to shot a photo )

Actually Onedrive/ Dropbox / mega / already support a pin

The problem is gmail/ whatsapp / twitter
( unfortunately all my contacts us WA instead of telegram )