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My organization is finally, after all these years, weaning itself off of Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat DC, and most things Adobe. I'm told that while the pricing has been ridiculous for several years, it's beginning to go off the charts. They're looking for better bang for the buck. And our system admins, for some reason, have been less than pleased with it for a while.

Apparently a few of us are being tapped as lab rats and we're going to be putting a trial version of Qoppa PDF Studio Pro through its paces over the next 30 days (I think) before they decide whether to pull the trigger soon. I've got a decent-sized PDF project on the horizon, which includes fillable PDF forms, annotations, markup and other considerations. I could use Adobe for it, as I planned to do, but I should probably test out Qoppa with it instead.

I've used Foxit a bit here and there, particularly for quick redactions, but I've never used Qoppa so I really don't have any idea what it can, or cannot do. I just downloaded the free Qoppa Reader so I could at least take a peek at that part of it. While at their site I saw quite a number of major organizations have adopted it so it can't be too bad, I suppose.

Does anyone have experience with Qoppa PDF Studio and, if so, what are your thoughts?


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I use the paid versions of Ashampoo PDF, also known as FlexiPDF. It's very good value for money and has a good deal of features. I recommend you to try it out.