Level 23
In Windows 7, 32bit environment, UI became unresponsive. I did not know the solution and reported it to the support forum, but after several hours I was informed of the answer that it is a 'known problem' and how to deal with it. Their support is quick.


Level 15
I've been having trouble since last week with not getting a network connection either via cable or wifi, the only way to bring it back is by rebooting the pc. It seems to be causing a conflict with Microsoft Teredo Tunnelling adapter (or vice versa)
Tried lots of stuff but only yesterday, i realised it was to do with EAM update. Contacted support who said a very small number of people have the same issue as me (Windows 7 - 64 bit) and for the moment i have been advised to disable surf protection which has helped, i am waiting on further instructions. I'm glad i contacted support because i was ready to call my ISP who would have charged me £135 if no problem was found with their equipment o_O

Chrome is still crashing. Can someone scroll through the Pixel 3 website for me?

For me it will eventually freeze Chrome altogether. I restart and Chrome says I need to disable EAM.
I managed to get through to that @DeepWeb but it's probably because i have surf protection module disabled. Over on the Emsisoft forum there are topics with issues similar to yours and i'm sure it's to do with the surf protection module, i think it was suggested (not 100% sure) to disable that and use ublock or similar in the meantime.

Perhaps you could look through Emsisoft Support and see if it helps :)

EDITED : Turning off the surf protection was only to test something. Stupid me didn't understand the instructions properly so please DON'T leave that disabled.
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