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I'll be buying it on VHS when released. Have you seen it, verdict?


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I'm a huge Nolan fan and I love movies...
I haven't seen it yet, probably next week, but I think it's gonna be his Space Odyssey!
If someone's seen it, I'd like a review, please.. (I'd go to IMDb, but too many critics there.. :rolleyes:)


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Couldn't get the tickets yesterday. Was fully booked :eek:

Will try today :oops:

Watched it, and it was great....

Made me teary at times, the first time Nolan had given me these feelings...

Interestingly the film had bits n pieces of the story I was writing for a long time, about 5th dimension, time travel etc.
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I watched it, too, a couple of days ago..
It was absolutely mesmerizing!! I felt I just watched a film that's definitely gonna make history..
Great music by Hans Zimmer, superb editing and directing.. McConaughey and Foy were great!
Highly recommended (although, not for everyone..).


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In my place, my friend next to me was consistently nagging me in the first hour that it's getting boring. Then towards the second hour I saw him shut up, and the last hour I could see him with mouth opened wide.

When the credits started rolling, everyone in the cinema hall sat 5 minutes in silence, trying to recollect and think about the events that happened, and distant claps started to sound loud and louder, till everyone stood up and went out of the theatre. Especially I haven't seen the audience talking so much to each other while they were on their way out.

My girlfriend was crying next to me during a scene, and it was really powerful. There were a number of scenes that was emotional.

If you thought Inception as brainy, Interstellar will make it feel like a Disney movie.


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Oops forgot to take my physics textbook to the theatre, i was just kidding :D. Great movie, i liked it. But i find some loopholes too:p