Advice Request AOMEI vs MiniTool - Which to buy?

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Sep 5, 2018
So I install Aomei Pro trial today. Interface is pleasant and intuitive as expected. The speed is amazing too. I guess the pro version may really be faster than the free version.

I took a System Backup. Here are my specs:
Capture 3.PNG

All settings are at defaults, except that I made Aomei verify the image afterwards.
The backup task took only 5 minutes. The verification task took a bit less than 5.

Here is the resource usage when running the backup task:
Capture 1.PNG

Here is when running the verification task:
Capture 2.PNG

And here is resource usage when Aomei is closed, only the scheduling service is running idly.
Capture 4.PNG

The System Backup mainly consists of C:\ drive which is 30.6 GB. The resulting image is 18.9 GB. So the total disk space used right now is 49.5 GB.

I will try restoring in a couple of days. Hopefully it'll work out. Then Aomei gets a new customer.


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Oct 22, 2018
I got Aomei Backupper Pro during their free giveaway (I'm cheap), a couple of weeks ago. Installed it and ran a full backup and differential. Macrium was my primary. I've switched to Aomei. It was faster both during the backup and differential by a noticeable margin. Restore was quicker by almost a minute as well. Plus, Aomei is intuitive, and it's much easier to figure out how to run and schedule differentials and incrementals than Macrium. Both are good, and I could easily recommend either. I played with Minitool a few months ago when I heard about it for the first time, and it worked but I couldn't 'get into it' for some reason. It just didn't appeal to me.
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Jul 2, 2014
AOMEI for me. Their free versions have been the best in the market having pleothra of features. It also has really fast backup and restore speeds.

Also if you ever faced errors anytime during backup or restore, you can sure resolve it within minutes, here's an exhaustive guide for all error codes: AOMEI Backupper Error Codes


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Apr 17, 2020
I had error before and it would not read or restore my image file. I have tried and tested many and sticking with Macrium. Never get an error message so I don't have to look up codes.


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Apr 14, 2020
I use Macrium as my primary backup which has never let me down but have got an AOMEI Backupper Pro licence too. I stopped using AOMEI when I released that it's 'System Backup' wasn't actually backing up all partitions needed to correctly restore system. When Windows 10 was launched it shifted the recovery partition to a position after the main Windows OS partition but AOMEI didn't back it up... it's been some months since I've used AOMEI so I don't know whether they've sorted out that issue or not but at the time their support team weren't interested when I highlighted it to them. I use Minitool Shadowmaker FREE as a backup to Macrium and also have an EaseUS ToDo Backup licence too but don't use as it consumes too much disk space over time. So in the AOMEI vs Minitool poll I'd definitely go MiniTool but wouldn't pay for it :)
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