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Do you think APKMirror repo is trustworthy and reliable?

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Jan 8, 2011
Homepage: APKMirror - Free APK Downloads
APK Mirror and Android Police are both properties of Illogical Robot LLC, our umbrella company. APK Mirror is managed by the same people who administer Android Police, and the two sites collaborate on an almost daily basis.

Why I use APKMirror when I cannot get it from Google Play Store?
Security: What measures do you take to make sure all uploaded APKs are real and created by the respective developers?
  1. All APKMirror.com uploads are verified prior to publishing.
  2. We make sure that the cryptographic signatures for new versions of all previously published apps match the original ones, which means we know if uploaded APKs were signed by the real devs or someone pretending to be them.
    Note: APKMirror.com has been protected from the Janus vulnerability in Android from day one.
  3. a. For new apps that have never been uploaded to APKMirror.com, we try to match the signatures to other existing apps by the same developer. If there’s a match, it means that the same key was used to sign a previously known legitimate app, therefore validating the new upload.
    b. If we see no matches, we try to obtain and compare to a version of the same app from the Play Store or another verified location. If it’s a beta, we will try to get into it. If we can’t, we will attempt to contact the developer.
    c. If we’re unable to verify the legitimacy of a new APK, we will simply not publish it.
Source: FAQ - APKMirror

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