AppGuard Japanese Television Segment

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Nov 19, 2014
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WTH twice!!! :D

I meant that I don't get that "More to follow..."

Much less this:

Are you talking about a video or what?

Edit: uBlock Origin was blocking effectively the video. lol
If you watch the video there is an English speaking part with an old man that from what i assume worked from CIA that is trying to be secretive for no reason.
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Apr 5, 2017
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Wow, if that's them excited, i would hate hate to see them when they are not o_O .................. i nearly fell asleep about 1½ min into it but stuck with it, still none the wiser but i like the wee appguard "guard", he did a darned good job with the "burglars" lol, so i assume that's what it's all about it.

Is this a promo video ? Please tell me it's not :cry: I take it, there is another video to come ? I will wait with baited breath for it :ROFLMAO:
Jan 28, 2018
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It briefly explained the defects of security software that prevents intrusion of whitelist type, and was content that appealed superiority of appguard.
I think that it may be possible to promote sales a bit more to individual users