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Mar 18, 2020


Andy Ful

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Even with 50% discount people are bonkers to buy AppGuardSolo when this alternative is available for free: AndyFul/Hard_Configurator
Ha, ha. Fortunately, they do not compete with each other. The H_C is suited/intended only for the home environment and AG is intended for businesses (although it can be used in the home environment too). :)
If one likes the H_C approach, then he/she probably will also like the AppGuard in his/her business firm.
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AppGuard is good for enterprise but not required for home use. As said by others, H_C is an excellent alternative to AG. Another free and excellent alternative is Simple Software Restriction Policy. I use SSRP on Windows 7 and H_C on Windows 10. I still have a lifetime license of AG 4 but don't use it.


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You have here at malwaretips a detailed guide how to set it up and configure it properly.
It will indeed help a lot, but things do change as time goes on. The guide is probably outdated by a couple years.
For instance, Windows Defender now runs from user space, and Office 365 and other apps now need special configuration in order to run properly. AG is already preconfigured for this, if you have an up-to-date version of it, this is just an example of how things change and evolve. There are new vulnerable processes and new malware techniques. Also, AG has certain features that didn't exist when the guide was written.
There are probably other important changes that took place over the past year or two since I stopped using AG, so I am not an updated source of information on the subject.
I would not trust AOL with my security. Yes it is cheaper than buying Solo but I would rather run a official installer than a rebranded one. Reason is if you get pwned you can be sure of the source and trace back the source of the exploit to the official company installer. With 3rd parties it is always a risk.


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I see that Tech Fortress is now $48 a year... which is still more than getting it from AppGuard directly.

AOL used to want $9.99 a month -- which was ridiculous.

When AppGuard was owned by Blue Ridge Networks.... Blue Ridge decided that the consumer market was too much trouble.

Customer service may be 'interesting' for a product that can be difficult but is being marketed to regular Joe..


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Does this product do anything much different than Kaspersky's Trusted Application Mode ?
Just to inform you:
Trusted Application Mode (TAM) has been removed in the upcoming Kaspersky 2021, according to @harlan4096