Q&A Are the most popular password managers also the most secure ?


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Jun 26, 2020
I have a lifetime license for Sticky Password but I am no longer using it. Sticky Password seems like a dead project. It does not receive updates regularly. The Android app has serious autofill issues and the iOS app is a mess. If Sticky Password is working for you, just keep using it. Wifi sync is great security wise. Anyway, you can make use of their portable app too and store it on your usb drive.

I am using Dashlane now (I keep going back and forth) and it is working well here. You can give it a try and if you like it you can always refer friends and get 6 months added to your subscription if they sign up using your referral link.

I am using sticky password and its gating better in relation to autofill, for me, it's a good password manager and its great sicking between multiple devices.

That is not true, sticky password is making updates with some regularity:

Build (Jan 31, 2021)​

  • Improved stability and performance
  • Build (Jan 17, 2021)​

    • Improved stability and performance
    • Build (Jan 13, 2021)​

      • Improved stability and performance
      • Build (Dec 29, 2020)​

        • Improved stability and performance
        • Build (Dec 23, 2020)​

          • Improved stability and performance
          • Build (Dec 12, 2020)​

            • Improved autofill for websites
            • Improved stability and performance
            • Added support for Brave Browser
            • Fixed compatibility with Citrix Workspace App


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May 3, 2015
There were 3 main reasons I stopped using Sticky:

1) Lack of updates... just a general bug fixed every few months they don't even care to say what was fixed.

2) The browser plugin was driving me crazy. It just pops up in front of any page form. And if you close it to be able to write, it just pops up right back. It came to a point I was turning off the plugin in some page

3) Android client instability. Although they do update their Android client more often, it was randomly locking my phone, a Note 20 Ultra. It also locked my wife's S20 so it was not something wrong in my phone only.

But if you don't have any problem with it then there is no reason to switch to anything else.
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