Advice Request Are you using an 64-bit OS?

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Are you using an 64-bit OS?

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Sep 15, 2013
I have been using Windows 64-bit for 5 years now, and have rarely come across software that is incompatible with this architecture.

1. Are you using a 64-bit OS (Windows, Linux, Mac)?
2. How many years?

If not, what software is incompatible with 64-bit OS that prevents you from upgrading to the better platform?
I have been using the Windows 64 bit operating system for quite a long time 9 years ago. never encountered any significant problems.


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Jan 28, 2018
The MT translated into Japanese is displayed like this.
It looks like "1064bit"o_O because the space is removed. I thought it was a post from the future.:LOL:

I moved to 64bit from the middle of 7. This is because my favorite software no longer supports 32bit.

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