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I thought you were using Chinese Chromium 'cuz it has everything configured out of the box.
I am using 360 Extreme Explorer as my main browser, with uBlock Origin for adblocking. However, I use Edge (with Adguard) solely for watching YouTube videos. I find that Edge is noticably faster than other browsers when scrolling through the list of videos shown on With other browsers I get lag when paging up/down through the list of videos.


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No need to use an Adblocker on that site, as there are 4 clearly labelled blocks for Advertisement.

Visited with Chrome for Android
Running on Android Marshmallow
3 Block Ads in the sidebar and 2 Banner Ads on the main page. Not intrusive and with Personalised Ads you might find a better Offer for something you like.
Visited with Edge for Windows & Running on Windows 10

Blocked by Ghostery, no Ads displayed or Notifications to Disable AdBlocker
Visited with Chrome for Windows (Ghostery) & Running on Windows 10