Update Autofill in 'Microsoft Authenticator' now can generate strong passwords


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Aug 17, 2014
Microsoft today announced the latest feature upgrade for its Authenticator app. Besides providing two-factor authentication codes, the program can now generate strong and unique passwords.

Microsoft Authenticator customers who use the Autofill feature (announced exactly one year ago) can now utilize the app to create hard-to-crack passwords when making accounts or changing passwords in browsers or apps. Authenticator lets you customize a password with upper or lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, and password lengths. You can save the password in Microsoft Authenticator right after generating it.

If you do not use Autofill, Microsoft Authenticator still lets you generate and save a reliable password. Open the app, switch to the password section, tap the button with three dots (iOS) or a plus icon (Android), and select "Password Generator"