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Hello. I found out this forum recently and started to search for a thread similiar to this. Well, I've been a computer user since I was little and got through a lot of virus infections. The funniest thing (now that I think of it) was when I had an antivirus(I literarly have no clue how it was called) that made different sounds depending on what virus has detected, and once it had found a Trojan, the specific sound being a horse "Ni-ha-ha", the volume was almost maximum, when the sound started playing, I got so scared that I started crying and ran away from the computer. I don't click on crappy links, download torrents and other things, I feel like I know a little bit about avoiding getting an infection. Now, I am planning a little party with some old friends and I wanted to download some games to play on splitscreen (piracy, ik it's not good, but I don't want to buy the games for a one time play, I don't have time anymore for PC in general), so I'm asking for some advice on what security options should I use for downloading these files and maybe in general. I would like something lightweight. As an on demand scanner, I have thought of Malwarebytes, but recently, a lot of people have been mentioning Zemana. I don't feel like paying for security options, so trials would work just fine I guess, or even freewares. Thanks in advance.
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@Rares: I really want to express my suggestion however, for more information you can create a thread on Security Configuration Wizard to post your current setup; then you can see different products in War Room about their pros and cons.

For overview:

Malwarebytes even though its an AV but the protection is still a long way to considered full blown. (passive detection)

So people recommend Zemana because of multi-engine detection alongside of Cloud analysis via 'Pandora Technology' against unknown threats.