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I'm only using Avast on my phone because of their anti-theft feature. It's free and it can be controlled via SMS. Is there more light-weight comparable free standalone antit-heft solution like that?

Fel Grossi

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Hello @RXZ6Q

I use COMODO Anti-Theft.
When I was looking, I tested several, including Avast, but I adapted better to COMODO.
It has the online platform that you log in and have the options.

1- Locate your cell phone.
2- You can play alarm at maximum volume.
3- Block the cell phone.
4- Delete all files.
5 Take a selfie and get on the platform at the time.
6- Write a message to appear on the screen of your phone.

Items 5 and 6 particularly that made me use this app, it is not common to find these options in free apps.

And it is very light, for being just the anti theft. You could test for a while and see what you think.

Thank you!


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Define more lightweight, do you mean less features (simpler to use) or better battery life (optimised)?

Try Prey AntiTheft or Google Find My Device

If you use Chrome/Google and already signed in, you can find your phone with from Search