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1st part of the video, I agree with his opinion.

Now for the actual test, one must realize nothing is 100% proof. Going far to say would not recommend because it failed on some aspects is just a biased opinion.

Better off just saying this is what happened, and improvements should be made (just like any other vendor).

My opinion but I never recommended on my videos the solution. Instead, I have let the viewer draw his/her own conclusions.

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He did a Smart Scan with Zemana and a full scan with HitmanPro, If he did a Deep Scan it would've detected more for sure (over five engines).


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I've compared the older video of Avast way back on the same Youtube channel, seems DeepScreen feature provided in action from threw samples left on the test however they are turned to be safe which automatically bypass [DS process done].

Although that feature can help at all, their major detection goes on File Reputation besides on their classic Evo-Gen suspicious detection.

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DeepScreen is poor. And it doesn't appear for all unknown samples but for the samples Avast find suspicious, etc... And even if it appears 99.99% time it says nothing found with malicious samples. DeepScreen is in DeepSleep from the moment it was born.