Battle Avast Internet Security or F-Secure Safe?


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Dec 27, 2016
+1 for F-secure.
Our PC assembler offered a year of antivirus free and my dad went with F-secure without asking me. I was skeptical. I didn't know that this beast comes packed with BD engine too, and has an additional layer of its own intelligent behavior guard.
That year it didn't make me miss my then choice Kaspersky. Light and perfect protection. A bit of FPs but ignorable.

Avast, with hardened mode is great, but why go for aggressive modes when FSecure delivers so much easily.



Personally I would choose Avast because I trust them more, I prefer the user interface and overall I believe that they offer better protection (generally speaking), however that does not mean that F-Secure Safe is not a good product; F-Secure Safe is apparently a good product however I have not tested it enough, nor used it on my host system properly to give you a real opinion.

In these situations you would greatly benefit from making use of the 30-day trials that vendors usually allow people to have; through trialing each product at a separate time you can get a glimpse of it's capabilities and see which one you are most comfortable with using - whatever floats your boat. You as a user are the only one who can decide which products you should be using, there is only so much we can do, since our suggestions are more or less based on which product we use ourselves or which vendor we personally prefer for whatever reason.

Regarding system resource usage, this may differ depending on your system specs, product version, etc... Someone may have used Avast a few years ago where the optimization may not have been as good and may tell you that it was really heavy, whereas things may have chanced since then - many factors come into play, therefore testing the products yourself is the best bet for you.

That being said, it really depends on what you're exactly looking for... For example, regarding dynamic behavioral protection, F-Secure do have a good feature called DeepGuard... Which apparently performs quite well, although I wouldn't know myself of course.

F-Secure is a lot lighter on the resources ;)
Perfect example! For me, when I tested F-Secure briefly (not really a "test" for it's protection capabilities but I installed it to check something), it was very heavy on resources for me and was not as quick and speedy as it may be for some others. Whereas, Avast feels light on resources for me and has caused absolutely no issue what so ever (since I currently have the Premier version installed). That doesn't mean Avast will be super smooth and lightweight for you too, though.

Hope this helped and stay safe,
Wave. ;)


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Sep 28, 2015
My vote goes to F-Secure.

It's a quality product from Finland that is very light (ran it on 7 PCs) and NEVER got in my way. I think what most here on MT won't like is that it doesn't offer much features to play with. It also goes about its business very quietly. Some need a reminder that a software they paid for is active. F-Secure won't do that.

F-Secure is also big and active on privacy, which I like.

Marko :)

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Aug 12, 2015
My vote for F-Secure. I can't trust Avast as they MAYBE sell their users information to third party.
F-Secure doesnt offer Firewall protection, Avast also is not trusted about Privacy terms.

so both will reject :D
Anyone concerned about Avast privacy should read Avast privacy policy. Keep in mind that you can turn off data collection in Avast (Settings -> Privacy) and that Avast works under EU law.