Battle Avast Internet Security or F-Secure Safe?

Marko :)

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Aug 12, 2015
all of Companies have this Privacy Policy page on their website ! so it means all companies are trusted ?
I've never said that. Privacy policy is there for a reason - so people can read it and understand why company collects data, what do they do with data, with whom they share it and when. If someone doesn't agree with privacy policy, terms of use or EULA, they shouldn't use the product.


Level 24
Oct 28, 2014
Well,i believe both programs are pretty good...Both have good detection ,when we talk about signatures...F-secure has great behaviour blocker with Deep Guard,but it does produce many false positives...Avast has more feutures than F-secure...Avast from my point of view has better cleaning capabilities as well,when it comes to removing malware...I 've had issues with F-secure failing to clean the malware that was detected by the scan engines...F-secure is lighter when it comes to impact on the system...F-secure is very easy to use ,the interface is quite simplefied...But Avast has more options and if they are tweaked in the right way,you can rely on it for good protection...I can only say this...The choice is yours...


Level 85
Mar 15, 2011
For alternative ones then F-secure is a must program for any system, it is underrated and simply no unnecessary components. (Core Protection + DeepGuard)

Although the problem for DeepGuard where still passive even the cloud mechanism is included as resulted for bypass on the undetected threats.


Everything you need to find is already included in Avast, a great way to configure and make your computer secure with very good Hardening Mode.

*Except on DeepScreen and Suspicious HIPS which needs more improvements


Evjl's Rain

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Apr 18, 2016
I have been watching some youtube reviews + malware hub for a while
I can conclude that with the default settings of avast 2017, it's better ( evven better with hardened mode) and rarely got infected while Fsecure often got infected


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Jan 26, 2016
Went with F-Secure. Light and has BD engine. I know its not the end all be all, but usually scores very well with independent labs. If they do include a behavior blocker as someone mentioned, that's just a plus. Wish Eset would follow suit.