App Review Comparative : F-Secure SAFE vs Eset Internet Security

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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to this comparison!
Today I'm going to compare F-Secure SAFE and Eset which are the most popular antivirus programs of the moment in the paid ones.
Will they compete? Are they equal? Let's see!


The 2 interfaces are not similar at all! Although I like F-Secure's interface because it focuses a lot on novices (ready-to-use antivirus like Trend Micro), I really like Eset's one which is a mix. It's good by default, but it can still be improved with fine tuning. And you can go very far!

Ram Usage:

The 2 antivirus are very light. The VM is equipped with 8GB of RAM on my 32GB host and occupies 6 logical cores on my 12 logical cores of my Ryzen 5.


On the Web, nothing to say about the 2 antivirus. The blocks are perfect, ditto on the fake crack.
When I test the malware pack, we feel a different approach on the 2 antivirus.
F-Secure focuses on Avira and its engine and catches attacks with DeepGuard, which keeps the PC healthy.
Eset is much more aggressive on threats: If it is a threat, it is quarantined directly!
On Eset, I had a lot of samples that didn't work even though they worked with F-Secure. I don't know if Eset disinfected them but that's a very good point.


The 2 antiviruses make a system healthy. Even if NPE reports an installer in the Eset test, the latter was not active, so I had stopped the installation.
It is a draw between F-Secure and Eset.


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Apr 16, 2017
Out of both of them I prefer Eset, F-secure is also very good normally F-secure is easier to get it on a good deal Eset pricing in certain region is not exactly very cost effective compared to other top tier AV.
not taking the pricing into consideration, as to my preference I've come to the conclusion that between these two, it is a draw.


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Apr 4, 2021
Did Eset once again prevent a system from being killed? After a year and a half of failed amateur tests, the last six months it looks surprisingly good! Both products have their pros and cons, F-Secure offers a good bundle (antivirus + VPN + leak monitor and password manager), but Eset has stronger web protection in my opinion and a useful firewall.

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