avast New Beta version released - 12.4.2281

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May 7, 2016
Hi all,
sorry for the delay with this beta, but it's finally here. We are now busy working on integration with AVG but I hope you will like the changes coming early next year (and yes HIPS included (wink) ) Main purpose of this beta to test its stability and get your feedback on the new UI. We didn't changed just the "face" but also the framework behind the UI so it gives us now much more flexibility in fixing various issues and bugs in the UI much faster than before.

We listened to the feedback, so there won't be color difference between Free and paid versions and all will be dark. Navigation moved back to the left side, and the window is now larger. We know it's not perfect now and we will work hard in the upcoming weeks to polish it for release quality.

Newest beta version: 12.4.2281

+ Fully new UI framework with modern graphics
+ Removed screensaver and desktop gadget
+ Huge internal changes for product stabilization

Download links:
- BETA testing - Overview & Download links

Known issues:
+ Some UI parts are not fully finished yet, excuse glitches
+ SmartScan and Browser Cleanup not finished
+ UI glitches in some expiration messaging dialogs
+ Web shield problems on Win 10 internal preview
+ Passwords synchronization setup flows are broken

Share your feedback and opinions about the new UI here.

your Avast team
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Nov 3, 2016
Post screenshot of avast UI.@Viking

I, personally, really like it. Definitely better than the current one - I hate the white Free Version. It's a little bit empty, but it's a beta version so this might change in the future.


Beta version released - 12.4.2281


i don't like this one definitely so try again avast with the GUI this one is really bad .
The one they already had was really nice, I don't understand why they wasted time changing something which doesn't need to be changed right now, they could have focused on the GUI for next year and taken more time to make it really nice. IMO they messed up with the GUI this time, I personally think it looks ugly now, but beforehand I thought they were one of the leading for GUI (with Emsisoft as they have a nice GUI too).

You know what they say, don't fix it unless it's broken.
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