Level 7
avg is not bad in detection and protection ifffffffffffffffffffffff it manages to get installed on a system without trying to crack it first .. I am a user from 2005 but it is never been so crappy and full of faulty things inside it . Stay away from it

Sumeet Kumar

Level 1
Is there anyone who tried it after AVG was purchased by Avast. I am planning to give it a try since its received Advanced+ recent in Malware testing of AV-Comparative.


Level 3
Bullguard is slightly better with Agnitum firewall..+ Bit def signatures...Avg is ok in terms of av ..but their firewall is kind of School made..seems to work (BASIC)...
in terms of BB ..its a tie..probably AVG will edge it
As far as I remember, Bullguard stopped using Agnitum driver and they rebuilt their firefall from the scratch.


Level 21
This is the only version of AVG that I thought was good.

Agree. I used it between 2005 to 2009. At that time it was very good even better than Avast ( Strictly my opinion ). That time I did not have good internet so I still remember me downloading signature from my friend's system and copying them in my system using rewrite-able CD. Sweet memories.