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AVG Internet Security
F-Secure Safe
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Internet protection (Web Guard, Anti-Phishing, Antispam, Browser extension)
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The Cog in the Machine

Level 12
That is a good price..
You can also try ebay from a reputable seller;
Thanks for posting but, unfortunately, this is a key card not a download version. And if you don't know if you ship anything to Gaza it might take 60 days to arrive and that's if you're lucky enough if the Israeli forces let it in.


Level 19

The Cog in the Machine

Level 12
I have been away for some time now. Anyway, I have been suing both AVG IS and F-Secure on two of my devices and I can confidently say that both products are very light but F-Secure is much lighter. I have experienced some issues in AVG's GUI that even support could not fix, only complete uninstall and reinstall helped. I am currently very happy with F-Ssecure and I feel they are in the right path.