Avira Internet Security - New User Interface 2020


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Mar 28, 2019
In most cases it is a good sign that the program has a lot of RAM, it will have a faster response and will use less processor, unlike some AVs that use little RAM and a lot of processing power, giving the user the illusion that the program it is light just because it uses little memory.
Like Norton when you do a manual scan or live update, but Norton engine depends a lot on the cloud.

Overall, it depends the user needs and type of hardware.


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Nov 11, 2017

This is the problem i was talking about!

it seems that the bloatware avira launcher is gone

ForgottenSeer 89360

This is not too different than Norton’s My Norton and typical, standard windows. Although at least there is some consistency there.
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ForgottenSeer 89360

This looks way to much like avast yuck... They really need to change into something more modern.
It doesn’t look like Avast at all, Avast’s UI concept is totally different and there is consistency running through the whole experience. It’s also animated, fluent and modern. Avira looks like a hybrid between old AVG and TotalAV or some fake scareware AV.

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