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Avira Password Manager - Get Avira Password Manager

The Avira Password Manager is available as of now as a free version and all premium features are free until March 2017.

The product can already be downloaded from the Avira website and app stores:

Read before you switch!

How does it compare to other password managers?

Avira Password Manager is rather bare bones right now. I mentioned already that it does not work on all sites, but that is probably true for all password managers with auto-fill functionality.

What weights more is that it does not support two-factor authentication and that it offers no option to add notes or additional data fields to the database. The latter means that you cannot add the answer to security questions to the password manager, nor any other form of note that you may require.

If you dig deeper, you will notice that it lacks features such as grouping, automatic clipboard erasing, or support for adding files to password entries (PGP signatures come to mind).

To be fair, not all users need these features but having them would certainly increase the appeal of the password manager.

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Memma White

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I used to love Avira and thought they'd left the competition in the dust. Until I discovered by chance that there was a password on my installation and I had no way to manage the account. I don't recall entering a password. What's the point? Now, I can't even uninstall the antivirus without a password, without which I cannot install other applications that I need to do my work. This is the first time I have come across a product that has implemented security beyond the application's immediate boundaries. That is too much control regardless of the concern for the dangers of unwanted intrusion. I have spent countless productive hours trying to figure out a way to manage this application. This is too much cost for a free product. I will never go for the premium version based on this experience. My only recourse now is to spend money to buy a password recovery code that maybe would work. Can't risk just deleting all avira files in safe mode. Any ideas?


From Avira
Hi Memma White,
You mean really the Avira Antivirus app, right?
Well, the password protection is an user defined security option that can be enabled by the consumer or administrator for managed client computers.
In worst case you can remove the password protection by restarting Windows in safe mode, administrative account and delete of the configuration file "C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivirus\CONFIG\AVWIN.INI". Restart Windows in normal mode and the password is gone.
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