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Direct Download for Windows:

  • Finds outdated applications and alerts you, so you don’t have to search for them
  • Saves you time by helping you download all updates from one panel.
  • Provides easy, central controls for updating your software.
  • Offers you up-to-date software with latest new features.
  • Tracks your activity stream, highlighting when you last plugged a vulnerability that might have exposed your private data.

And it’s secure. We scan updates to guarantee clean software application packages that are free from viruses, PUAs, and other annoyances – to make sure you stay safe.

The new application updates not only provide you with new features but also fixes older vulnerabilities. Avira Software Updater is a free software update checker tool for Windows PC that lets you update installed applications in a breeze and that too all at once. The tool comes from the house of Avira, a well-known Antivirus software.

The installation process is rather easy, but I must mention that the installer suggests a lot of other applications so you need to skip them if you don’t want any of them.
Source via Avira Software Updater: Update outdated applications on Windows


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Click Skip for other Avira bundled apps (comes with Avira Launcher).

Avira Launcher sits in System Tray
VirtualBox_Windows 8.1_21_06_2016_16_12_02.png

Skip Avira bundled apps
VirtualBox_Windows 8.1_21_06_2016_16_12_18.png

Installation continues
VirtualBox_Windows 8.1_21_06_2016_16_12_46.png
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I use the FileHippo App Manager. It's older and would update wider ranges of applications.
That's great, there are also many other Software Updater's available. I personally use Avast's Software Updater (integrated in Antivirus), it's supported application is narrow, but most of the software installed on my PC self-update.

For Avira and many other vendors, it's about keeping their users' secure from software vulnerabilities.

It's a shame I could not get the Beta release to install, but all other applications in the Launcher did.

DJ Panda

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Same Kaspersky software updater is really good. Although most software autoupdates itself I still like a second opinion.