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Adrian Ścibor

From AVLab.pl
Hello Readers!

This time, I would like to show you our new report: "Made in Poland: a comparison of solutions to encrypt documents and sensitive information".

In the context of GDPR, anyone who processes personal data must comply with the rules. This applies to the biggest private and public organizations, from banks and public services businesses to websites which are managed by individuals conducting small businesses. It can therefore be conducted that it is necessary to provide the protection of personal data wherever they occur. It is especially important for companies and users from Europe.

In the report you will find information such as:

  • Why encrypt?
  • For who an encryption is important?
  • What is the most important about encryption?
  • When an encryption is not effective?
  • A specific example and explanation of encryption based on asymmetric cryptography.
  • How to protect the private key and password for the encryption application?
  • How to encrypt files using software: Cypherdog, Specfile and Netia Data Safe?
  • And many others.
Report contains a number of important information from the perspective of group work in small and large companies. We have broken down into details the security issues of each application, including encrypted data and files. In addition, we compared many functions that facilitate the use of the application, e.g. group work scheduling capabilities, file sharing, chat with colleagues, file management by administrators.

We have also included information useful for every IT department manager: whether the product has passed a security audit, how encryption is carried out and where the encryption keys are stored, as well as whether the software can be implemented to several computers.

Please use this publication: https://avlab.pl/wp-content/uploads...crypt-documents-and-sensitive-information.pdf