Advice Request AVs without HTTPS interception/filtering + browser extensions

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Mar 16, 2019
I don't have anything else to block on my desktop, besides the browser.

It's more difficult on my phone (Android, rooted).
And I would entrust Adguard just for that to view ALL of my traffic. Even the one that is encrypted with HTTPS.
Yeah, that's the cost of it, unfortunately. On Android there are alternatives like Firefox with uBlock Origin, Brave browser with its built-in adblocker but not as good as Firefox with uBO. There is also DNS based adblocking which is great but not complete.
If you use something like Chrome, then there's no better alternatives than Adguard for Android. Adguard decrypt the traffic locally and doesn't send your data to them, but yes you have to trust them if you want to use it.


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Apr 20, 2023
i believe kaspersky lets you disable https scanning
Yes but kaspersky ssl certificate still in use even if you disable https scanning , even after you remove kaspersky .
After switching to comodo , comodo found the certificate and deemed it untrusted and removed it.
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