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"It was a couple years ago that we first heard the words Andromeda and how Microsoft was resurrecting the Courier project to create a bi-fold piece of hardware.

It was about a month ago that I uncovered a bit of information about Libra (Surface Go), Carmel (Surface Pro 6) and of course Andromeda and since then, I have been digging around to see what else is going on and was able to unearth what is happening with Andromeda.

Mary Jo wrote last week that the bits needed for Andromeda would not make it into RS5 and she is absolutely correct in her assessment but there is more to the story. While some assumed that this means that the project is dead, what Microsoft is actually doing is sending it back to the labs to be significantly reworked.

Multiple sources have told me that Microsoft plans to overhaul the software and hardware before releasing the device.

Sources inside Microsoft say that the next possible release of the device would be in 2019 with expectations being later in the year if it were to happen. "
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