Best Optimization Software

which is the best ?

  • wise care 365

    Votes: 21 37.5%
  • glary utilities

    Votes: 6 10.7%
  • auslogics boostspeed

    Votes: 6 10.7%
  • system mechanic

    Votes: 4 7.1%
  • other (say in comments)

    Votes: 19 33.9%

  • Total voters
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Sep 26, 2014
From my experience System Mechanic is very good,it uses Perfect Disk pro live defragmentation which is very good but on the other hand it has many features so if you aren't careful with the settings you can damage your system ( i did that and now i can't install system mechanic:p:D).
Right now i am using CCleaner which is great,simple and efficient tool.
Wise Care is also very good and i recommend it.
Auslogics deleted all my restore points and messed up restore points settings and i couldn't even a manual restore point:mad: so i don't recommend it.

In the end from my experience i think System mechanic is better than others
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