which is the best ?

  • wise care 365

    Votes: 21 37.5%
  • glary utilities

    Votes: 6 10.7%
  • auslogics boostspeed

    Votes: 6 10.7%
  • system mechanic

    Votes: 4 7.1%
  • other (say in comments)

    Votes: 19 33.9%
  • Total voters


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Hello everyone!

Even though I voted only for Wise Care 365, it's not the only one to be good, there are also:
  • CCleaner with enhanced winapp2.ini (great cleaning of temp. files)
  • PrivaZer (powerful privacy-centric cleaning)
  • Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro (flexibilty and good set of features)
  • Raxco PerfectDisk Pro (very efficient, probably the best defragmentation tool)
  • TuneUp Utilities (powerful when used wisely, having its own interesting and convenient features such as Program Deactivator)


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VOTE: Wise Care 365 (the perfect optimizer) haven't found a better one yet.

2nd: Advanced System Care (Nice changes for better net speed MTU, windows functions etc etc)

Both are free to use.


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I use CCleaner but I don't know it is optimization software. I don't like optimization software because who knows they crap or not :confused:
CCleaner is optimization software in every sense of the word.It cleans your browsing HX and temp. files,cookies and a host of explorer and system files.It has an excellent registry cleaner with an easy to use backup which is easy to restore.
Uninstall,starup,file finder and drive wiper tools.All packed into a free very easy to use program which can be used by the most basic of users to professionals.I have only had to restore from a backup registry clean once in all my many,many years of using this program.It is straight forward and contains no fluff if you will as these other programs do.


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CCleaner Enhanced makes CCleaner even more efficient in deleting junks. The application tabs become even more available with options and asterisks on them and warns the user if a chosen option could be an important one to touch. The only downside is that it will take CCleaner an added seconds to recognize what it could clean.