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Feb 25, 2017
Really hard decision... I really like ESET due to its advanced settings for higher customizability. It's also the lightest AV that I ever had on my system. Sophos Home is another great program with a good set of risk reduction and Exploit protection settings. The AI component is also working really well. In the end I will go with Sophos cause I think that it doesn't get enough attention in the private users AV market. It's definitely worth checking out.


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Nov 19, 2012
I like Kaspersky because it rarely gives any false positives. Sometimes FPs can be a real headache as one needs to do a lot of work to find if its really a malicious file or not.
Also, tweaking it is quite easy, for e.g. I block most programs from accessing the internet and it can be done very quickly and efficiently.
But, the most important thing is that it has protected my devices for so long without any problem.


Staff Member
Jan 8, 2011
Why Kaspersky wins every poll like this
Results are not accurate, as there is no way to verify the votes.
  • Not listed A-Z
  • Limited to 10 choices
  • Votes are anonymous
  • Unable to determine if 60+ votes are based on popularity of Free/Paid versions.
  • Unable to determine if all votes are based on users of Paid versions.
I recommend to take the poll results with a pinch of salt.


Level 1
Feb 14, 2018
Eset for it's lightness (everything is fast , from startup to on demand scans ) and ultra low false positives. :)


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