Best Security Suite?

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Raider Red

Level 2
Comodo has Default Deny Architecture and it can prevent %99,9 malwares from your system. Comodo is hard to use because it is working with its whitelisting, if it is not in whitelist even a safe application, Comodo will sandbox it and then user thinks it is blocked. He/she does not know how to maintain automatic sandbox. They said it is not user-friendly.
Lets come my status, I am using lots of unknown open-source apps and Comodo cannot whitelist them as fast as updates of unknown softwares. Avira is much friendlier against unknown apps, because he lets everything run in your PC :mad: You can be infected if you are not using your common sense. Comodo is not a my type of product nowadays.
I love Comodo, and I use Avira :)
(you can say I am a fanboy bu I am not)
Makes sense to me?#@$%...:D


Level 17
All of you that pick 360 as one of the best suites, have you tried it?
It has lots of false positives and it can crash without a reason..

Tony Cole

Level 27
I'm currently using Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and I am really liking the product. I have enabled trusted applications mode to lock down my system.

Tony :)
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