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I find google chrome most balanced for my system, im gonna swap that into microsoft edge when the chromium version is out

For me the blink is always been faster than gecko, even firefox is very tweakable with the about:config

For older pcs slimjet, palemoon, basilisk are probably worth testing
Chromium fork wide, probably cent browser is worth a shot


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Chrome is memory hog? Same tabs open, and FF have only ublock origin installed, while chrome has 10 addons.

If you have more then 4GB of ram, why even bother with it?


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Avast Secure Browser
Chromium based along the lines of SlimJet lightness-wise (very light and fast) and extremely well constructed underneath. Comes with extensions Avast Adblock, Avast Anti-Tracking, Avast SecureLine, Avast HTTPS, Video Downloader, and Bank mode. Avast doesn't have the option for adding extensions in the extensions area, but you can add them from the Google Store.

I recommend try this browser for anyone. For me on two very different PCs, it's very fast and slick with strong video rendering. I added uBlock, Netcraft extension, Google translate, etc. Looks like Avast may be beating Chrome at its own game by trimming the resource profile of the browser and by putting simple security principles first. I have it default on two PCs now, but if all goes well I will continue to add it to others here. BTW, I don't like changing software, so I really do like where this browser is and is going.

Vivaldi is my second favorite browser but not for security reasons.
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Non-Chromium based:

Image: Firefox for Desktop features


Image: Brave for Desktop up-sell


Image: Integrated privacy settings part of Brave browser for Desktop
Edit: As of current Version 0.65.2 Chromium: 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

Some VPN providers may hinder actually browsing and download speeds. Test accordingly.
Installing extensions, may result in higher memory usage.
Content filtering may block some web page content, thus loading the site faster. On the contrary, breaking a website may result in slower loads or nothing loading at all.
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Lets say you are listening to a music video and playing a game or working with a heavy load software, then even 4GB would not suffice.

By the way, you trust windows task manager to show the actual RAM usage?
If he is working with heavy load software then probably already have 16GB+ of ram. If not, there is no software that will speed up his PC. I do all this stuff you mention in post and i never had any slow down with previous PC (8GB of RAM) nor i have now with 16GB.
We are not in WIN XP era anymore, OS knows much better how to use RAM.


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If you want stable security and fast patching, you're thinking about Chrome.

If you don't want a browser that consumes resources, then you're not thinking about security.

Flashy updates, decent protection and stability comes with a price. You won't find a perfect, light, stable, secure, private browser.

You're better off installing Chrome latest version.