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When using a search engine to search for software download links, be sure to go directly to the developer's site rather than clicking on an advertisement as you may not get what you are expecting. Such is the case with an advertisement currently being displayed in Bing for the search phrase "chrome download", which instead of bringing you to the official Chrome Download page, brings you to a site pushing an adware & PUP installer.

When using Bing to search for "chrome download", I noticed an ad that looks like a legitimate advertisement from Google pushing the Chrome browser. It had Google's url, www.google.com, and contained sublinks that looked official and were similar to other ads for Chrome that I have seen in the past.

"Chrome Download Search Advertisement"
When clicking on the ad, though, instead of being brought to Google Chrome's download page, I was brought to a site called googlechrome2018.net. This page shows a fake www.google.co.uk page with an overlay prompting you to download Google Chrome.
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I've been watching this for years. I've reported it multiple times to Microsoft and they've done nothing.
Currently on the Edge home page they have links to fake antivirus. Reported also and ignored.