Bitdefender 2017 final is here

Will you try a Bitdefender 2017 product?

  • Yes, I will install the 30 days trial

    Votes: 25 32.9%
  • Yes, I will buy a Bitdefender 2017 product

    Votes: 14 18.4%
  • No, I will not try Bitdefender 2017

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Aug 14, 2015
Can someone test the ransomeware protection, Active Threat Control module and self defense (process termination, uninstalling scripts) in depth?

I would highly appreciate it.

The signatures and web protection are already covered in the review form The PC Security Channel.
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Aug 16, 2016
tried it, its way to heavy on ram and cpu in 2016 for a full security suite, while i recognise it has the best signatures and detection in the market, i can get the same level of antimalware protection for the same or less cost with less hit to system resource usage with trend or symantec
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ForgottenSeer 55474

I have BDTS 2017,Malwarebytes antimalware Premium,Zemana antimalware Premium,Malwarebytes Anti Exploit and Hitman Pro.
And it just Works no error messages or anything and good speed.;)

Ray Redbad

Active Threat Control (formerly Active Virus Control) explained:

BTW: BD Free is the ONLY free "Bitdefender engine" program using ATC, all others having just various implementations of the BD Core and B-HAVE SDKs.

Free also utilizes all the Nimbus cloud services.

That said, there is additional protection in the Premium products, especially Internet and Total Security.
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Oct 9, 2016
My short take on the trial testing of BD Free AV 2017


1) Many updates in a day...I like that unlike Qihoo 360TSE which updates only once a day which makes protection of your system behind time
2) No issue with many other programs
3) It helps detected some backdoor trojans on my system recently when they were on-access. All my MBAM, HMP, ZAL and AdwCleaner failed to detect when ran which BD Free AV detected them after a complete system sweep.


1) If you install it before CFW it's ok but if you install after CFW it'll ask you to uninstall CFW because it's treating the CFW as an antivirus instead of a firewall.
2) Similarly, if you install after SpywareBlaster it'll ask you to uninstall it.
3) No detection and scanning of removable media
4) Definitions update do not have time indication making it difficult to count the number of updates in a day

Ok, back to using WD and waiting for the new release of AVG/Avast
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