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Bitdefender has really done it in this version!
It's one of the lightest security suites I've tried recently.
It seems their approach has changed! They stopped throwing redundant features on a product that was long plagued with bugs and instead they've trimmed it down and polished the product! They've even polished their Bitdefender Central! And It's really handy.
It's Bugdefender NO MORE.
Also recently they've added dark mode - and it looks good. Though the UI is not exactly to my taste.

Now it'll be great if they could add some advanced features -application control?- and granular controls geared towards enthusiasts and advanced users!
But hey that's the premise of Bitdefender - set and forget ! And I think it's the best out of the box for novice users.
Dark mode? Where?


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Level 2
Apparently it’s on build!
I got this build after freshly installing it on my older laptop. However, on my main PC I still haven’t got that build despite forcing the update multiple times.
I got this version by doing a reinstall (Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features\Bitdefender Internet Security and choose reinstall). I love the new black mode.