Bitdefender Beta 2017 is here, and we need you. Become a Beta tester, and give us the feedback that will make a difference.

You'll help us fight the bad bugs and make the world safer.

Plus, we've prepared tons of cool prizes that you are automatically entered to win when you join our Beta program.

So come be a superhero and help us keep devices everywhere free of malware. Become a Beta tester now.

Bitdefender Beta 2017


Any new features?
IDK, I've got this message

You are now a Beta tester for the next edition of Bitdefender’s security software.
Stay tuned to find out when the 2017 Beta installation kits and guidelines become available – we’ll be back with more info and goodies soon.
I just wanna see what's new and how good detection is. I don't help security software anymore.


Level 14
Worth & worth, depends if you want to try out the product and try to find some bugs etc, it's all up to you!

If you ask me, sure! Go ahead, you have nothing to lose!
Bitdefender betas are really buggy from my experience so be careful
Thank you.

I feel highest respect to Bitdefender but actually I have only one production machine. Is it safe to test it there?