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well just tested bitdefender some time ago and well emmm i found some bugs xD

PDT:1) does anyone knows where is IDS? or they removed it?
2) the last image was taken during bitdefender install, i forced windows defender to update and then....
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Wow, I'm so excited to upgrade to the upcoming stable release of Bitdefender Total Security 2017 when its available. I really like the new UI of Bitdefender 2017 beta. I'm currently using Bitdefender Total Security 2016 and have no complaints about it. I uninstalled my Kaspersky Internet Security because I'm not satisfied. I do not understand a lot of people complaining about Bitdefender.


I wouldnt test these Betas on a production machine to be honest.
I wouldn't go near them with a barge pole even on a machine which had been ditched 4 yrs back & covered with dust to be left in pile of boxes at the bottom in an abandoned storage facility..

Jokes aside:D:D It's true that they are not the best at updating to fix bugs.. but they will fix some. I think they prefer to spend more time working on a new entire version too quickly and early which is why they maybe avoid fixing more discovered bugs after a certain time? They could do a lot better with bug fixing..o_O:rolleyes:


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Where is it on the GUI? I can't find it unless I am missing something in front of my eyes.
Open Bitdefender > Modules > Antivirus
Next to On-Access Scanning you will have a Custom button (the gear icon), press it and in the new window that opened please go to the Miscellaneous tab and disable the Early Boot Scan option.

@Rohugh You can see the gear icon in the second snapshot you sent earlier.


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Does anyone understand the profile tab? I find it a big mess now. You cant even see which one is active. I don't see any value in Wifi advisor, they should have improved there vulnerability scan, they are very limited in there applications ...

Anyone knows the function of "scan host files" under advanced and real time optimization under profiles?

I am not really impressed by bitdefender anymore, but hey it is easy to win there 1 year product in the BETA campaign. :p
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Ooh bitdefender you never fail to amuse me, dont try the bitdefender repair option unless you took a snapshot of your VM. :eek: (the funny thing is that bitdefender repair never worked in there previous Beta campains either)


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As soon as I saw this thread I jumped into the beta version. Long story short, it was not a pleasant experience. Web pages sometimes had to be refreshed or they wouldn't load at all, display of web pages is dramatically slower, and Bitdefender seems to make the system hang on shut down for about 3-5 minutes. Sometimes the browser couldn't even connect to any webpage - even one that loaded fine a few seconds ago (I won't rule out Adguard causing a conflict with web scanning although it did not happen in 2016).

I have a very positive experience with Bitdefender 2016 but I can not recommend using this beta outside of a testing environment (2nd PC or VM). Really like the new UI though but the focus should have been on bug fixing then new UI.
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