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I used to be a longgg time Bitdefender user who swapped over after the issues surrounding early Windows 10.
This has got me feeling the Itch :) but I will let you guys have the fun and I will observe from here :p
Like the infinite restart loop in the release of bitdefender 2016? It was quite funny and "bad" at the same time.
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Does anyone understand the profile tab? I find it a big mess now. You cant even see which one is active. I don't see any value in Wifi advisor, they should have improved there vulnerability scan, they are very limited in there applications ...

Anyone knows the function of "scan host files" under advanced and real time optimization under profiles?

I think it's to scan the hosts file for modifications/ bad entries...
I also don't like the new UI...nor how Bit makes it difficult to see what it found after a scan or a detection. I also think the update time is way too long with no infos for the user (only "checking or "Downloading").
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