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The file you linked us to using VirusTotal is a clean DLL file which is apart of Avast Anti-Virus, you can ignore the detection's, they are only false positive ones... In fact, based on the detection names from the VirusTotal report, I think it's safe to say that the detection's are pretty much heuristic based anyway (which means the Avast DLL was not flagged as malicious by an analyst when the sample was processed through the database detection's, but the static heuristics did based on the DLL file characteristics/bytes within it).

Avast are known by millions and every real vendor on the market will know about them, they probably just forgot to white-list the DLL in their trusted DB, or forgot to add Avast as a trusted publisher (if they have a supported DB for this).

That being said, the DLL file is signed by AVAST Software s.r.o and the code signing authentication was processed by DigiCert. :)


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Most of the false positives are came within heuristics/generic detection, so for sure the staff on Bitdefender did not analyze nor verify it from the first place.

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