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Any opinions about Bitdefender Free Edition 2014?
Is it worth installing?

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The free version is very light.

However, it is buggy, lacks features other free AVs have and has very slow scanning. I wouldn't recommend it. If you want free solutions, avast! or Avira will serve you well. If you want to stay with BD, than try their IS.


Better free advantages you have. Go and try Avira or Avast.
I used Bitd.. Free and I left it. You will be regret if you choose it.


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Hasn't been updated in 6 months. I wouldn't touch it. Like everyone has said there are better free alternatives.


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For me its one of the beste free antiviruses avaiable. Its just perfekt for a user who just know nothing and he cant make anything wrong with bd free. and it isnt dead. the detection rate is the same as paid versions. they just didnt released a programm update for abit but that didnt mean its dead. The sub forum for bitdefender free still exist and bd free still gets signatur updates every hour or 2. im using it on 3 pcs without any bugs. running smoth over 6 month alrdy.


I usually dont recommend BitDefender Free because of it's user interface,slow scanning and little bit hard to use.
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