Question Bitdefender Gravity Zone how to Automatic Sandbox Sending on Machines and test it

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Apr 21, 2016
To enable Automatic Sandbox Sending on Machines in Bitdefender Gravity Zone, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Gravity Zone console.
2. Go to the "Policies" section.
3. Select the policy you want to modify and click on "Edit policy."
4. In the policy settings, navigate to "Antimalware > Advanced Threat Control."
5. Under "Enable Automatic Sandbox Sending," ensure that the option is set to "Enabled."
6. Save the policy changes and apply the policy to the desired machines.

To test if the Automatic Sandbox Sending feature is working, you can:

1. Obtain a sample file or application that you suspect might be malicious.
2. Copy or move the file to a machine where the Bitdefender Gravity Zone agent is installed and the policy is applied.
3. The Automatic Sandbox Sending feature will automatically analyze the file in the cloud-based sandbox environment.
4. After the analysis is complete, Bitdefender Gravity Zone will provide a report with any detected threats or suspicious behavior.

Note: Ensure that the machine you are testing has a reliable internet connection and is able to communicate with the Gravity Zone server for the sandboxing and analysis process.
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